Australia National (AUSN) Lost & Found Racing Pigeons

The Australia National (AUSN) Stray Pigeon Contact is:

When you report a strayed pigeon by the above email address, please leave the pigeon's life ring number and year number, this important information will help us to tracking down who is the pigeon owner. In addition, we also need your name; phone number; address; brief information how you get the pigeon; injured or not. We will forward your email to the pigeon's owner in 24 hours. If the owner dose not contact you in 48 hours, please email us again, we will contact you for a help.

The Australia National (AUSN) pigeon life rings are released by OZ Pigeon Equipment Web Shop. Those general pigeon life rings can be bought by any pigeon fanciers in Australia. The life rings will be released every year 1st of June and both of normal life rings & ICom rings are available. The AUSN life ring have a web site address on the ring shown "", this web site is a contact for people to report a strayed pigeon. When buyers buy the AUSN life rings, they have to be registered by email address with us in order to all reported emails will be forward from us to pigeon owners.

Here is a sample ring: